Menno Heijstek

Menno Heijstek is a visual artist who started out as a street artist making graffiti. He always kept a fascination for text and letters. In 1990 he started studying at the Academy for art and design in Den Bosch and in the second year decided to switch from graphic design to what they then called monumental art/sculpting. He graduated making an installation in witch photographs, videoimages and slide projections formed a whole. The viewer interacted with this installation by walking around and in this way triggering multiple motion sensors. Menno received the St. Lucas award for this graduation project.


“Impossible to put in a box” That might be a good description of Menno’s work. He creates monumental street art pieces but also small (poetic) sculptures. Simply because Menno just isn’t able to draw that well he photographs a lot to give shape to his ideas. In terms of materials there are no limits and he uses wood, acrylic, stainless steel, etc. He also casts and edits his own bronze pieces.These days he likes to combine modern techniques such as 3D scanning and printing ánd laser printing with ancient techniques such as casting bronze and embossing it. “Hiring a model is expensive” according to Menno. That’s why Heijstek often choses himself and his own body as a source of inspiration.   


Menno likes to play with the perception of the audience and “mislead” the audience visually. He likes to work on the cutting edge of visual art and design en he loves both disciplines equally. Heijstek also likes to operate in the twilight zone of two- and threedimensional; what appears to be spatious is in fact flat and vice versa. humour plays a great role in his work although his intentions are always serious. Image made by Menno can be characterised as: funny, easily accesible and extravert.


Menno also does commisioned art pieces for both individuals and company’s. His style and work method are perfect for a work of art in which the viewer can recognize a company logo. Adding LED lights will make it even more pleasing to the eye.