Menno Heijstek is a visual artist who started out as a street artist making graffiti. He always kept a fascination for text and letters. In 1990 he started studying at the Academy for art and design in Den Bosch and in the second year decided to switch from graphic design to what they then called monumental art/sculpting. He graduated making an installation in witch photographs, videoimages and slide projections formed a whole. The viewer interacted with this installation by walking around and in this way triggering multiple motion sensors. Menno received the St. Lucas award for this graduation project.


Menno’s work consists of photo based images, short video’s and animated gif’s; often presented on a large scale. M always has had an interest in both applied art and fine art; Logo design and experimenting with text are his second love. He regularly asks himself questions: Am i an artist or a designer ? Is there a big difference ? Can i create a crossover between the two ? What is the purpose of art in a world (both on and offline) thats already filled with (moving) images, advertisement, etc. ? Should a a good piece of art be pleasing to the eye or stimulating to the brain ? Or both ?


Menno likes to use himself and his own body as a means of expression. Experiences from his own sporting life are a source of inspiration for him and in his work we find action, movement, violence, physicality and physical exercise/exhaustion. Menno likes to play with the perception of the audience; make the viewer question what he or she sees and excite, surprise and make them laugh. The creative challenge is to make a piece of art that is pleasing to the eye without stating the obvious or being superficial. Images made by Heijstek makes can be characterised as: funny, easily accesible and extravert.

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